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SAP & COACHINSIDE start cooperation!

SAP and COACHINSIDE begin a substantive cooperation in the area of the integration of the IT data systems SAP SportsONE and COACHINSIDE.

SAP Sports One is the leading athlete and team management system in Germany. It supports all processes in a club, such as team management, organization, communication, training and performance management, medicine, video analysis, scouting and squad planning.

Through the cooperation with COACHINSIDE, SAP Sports One customers will be able to provide coach information such as career data, game ideas, articles, achievements, and many more directly in SAP Sports One.

"The cooperation with SAP is a great opportunity for us to publish our coach information in SAP Sports One. We are very pleased about the cooperation and the opportunity to support SAP Sports One through our analysis in the area of coaches." (Boris Notzon, Co-Founder COACHINSIDE)

"With COACHINSIDE, we are pleased to dock one of the most innovative companies in the field of coach performance and analysis to our IT solution SAP Sports One. Our customers will benefit significantly from the opportunities around the coach market." (Fadi Naoum, Head of Sports & Entertainment SAP)

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